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Ken & Barb
Jan 10, 2018

Our vision here is to have a sign you can rent with the lower part of the sign being personalized.  This will only be the bottom section, and it will be removable. You can see the small hooks holding the lower piece. By having it removable you get to keep a piece of your wedding memories.  Sign rental is $15 & estimated cost of your personalized section is approx. $30+.

Barnboard sign is approx. 32"Wx27"H including removable section which is approx. 32"W x 6"H.

Signs will be on barnboard (pictured) and regular wood (picture coming).

customized signs, rustic signs, barnboard signs, wedding signs

New Signs

Directional Signs

We are pretty proud of our bi-directional signs.  Sometimes you just don't know which way the arrow needs to point.  We've got you covered.  Our signs are designed to turn in the right direction.  These signs can hang from a shepherd hook (which sticks in the ground). Or, we have a base that can be rented to hold the shephard hook.  We also have a self standing sign post that you can rent.  We can make any directional sign you see on the right. (with any wording) 

Don't see what you are looking for!  Just ask if we can make something special for you.  We are always willing to customize a special sign for your special day.

rustic directional sign, barnboard signs, directional sign stand
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